Mini-Ridge-Top Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Fairlea Archduke Leopold - (05/28/2011)
GS: GCH AGS Dawnland Tabby's Halifax +B
Sire: Fairlea Prince Rainier *B        
GD: Fairlea Florence 4*M
GS: AGS Rosasharn's Julius +B
Dam" AGS Fairlea Lindt 2*M
GD: AGS Fairlea Heidi

Lost Valley ML Red Strokes *S (08/04/11)

GS:MCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm+*S
Sire MCH Lost Valley Malachi *S
GD: Lost Valley Zinfadel 3*D
GS Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S:  
Dam: CH (Pending) Lost Valley KW Cassiopela
GD: ARMCH/CH Lost Valley RTW Madison
Haedruns Cassanova (5/13)
GS:Dill's BF Genuine Article
Sire: Dill's GA Cruise Missle
GD: Dill's D Blonde Bombshell
GS: DesertNanny Blue Berry Buckle
Dam: DesertNanny BBB Kat's Meow
GD: DesertNanny Kitty Galore

This guy has an amazing dairy background! Visit both the Dill's
website and DesertNanny to see the awesome udders and
production behind this boy.
Due to space, we are offering Cassanova for sale: $300.00..
Big Red comes to us from the beautiful and
accomplished  Lost Valley herd in Texas.
Thank you Amy and Audrey for sending
this handsome dairy buck. Red has
developed into a long and level buck, with
wonderful width between rear and front
legs. He has a flat top line, wide, flat rump,  
and straight legs. His kids have beautiful
dairy character, straight legs, and a
gorgeous rich red color.
Leopold comes from the beautiful back east Fairlea Farms herd.   
Ever since meeting Bonnie Chandler at the 2008 AGS  Nationals I
have had my eye on this farm. They are beautiful goats with gorgeous
mammary systems. Leo is a long and level, with excellent capacity,
and stands on strong, straight legs. Leo is an upright buck with
excellent rear width. He has a pretty head and nice coloring, blending
tan, red, black, and cream. I love his strength of bone with dairy
character. Leo is consistently passing on his length and dairy
character to his kids.
Rosasharn's TL Thunderbird +*S E ++B
GS: Stonewalls Apocalypse Now
Sire: ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L
GD: ARMCH Goodwood Tiger Lily 2*D

GS::Rosasharn FS Merlin
Dam: Rosaharn M Leyenda
GD: ARMCH Quadalupe Moteada 3*D E
Co-owned with Olivewood Dairy Goats.

Thunderbird is co-owned with Laura M. from Olivewood
Dairy Goats. Thank you to Suzanne from Honey Goat Dairy
Goats for this beautiful boy. I really must get a new picture.
This is not a good representation of this beautiful boy.  He is
a flashy tri-colored buck with tons of length and dairy
character. He has flat boned with a lot of width between his
ribs. He is throwing a lot of doe kids with long bodies, long
necks, rear width, and flashy colors!!!
Casanova's Sire Cruise Missle